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Paternity testing and relationship DNA tests give you the peace of mind you need and can potentially be life changing. Children of unmarried parents may need financial assistance and benefits. Alleged fathers need answers regarding their rights and responsibilities. No matter the situation, the first step to success is determining the father and establishing paternity through an accredited DNA test.

  • Fast and Accurate Results – Our turnaround time for test results is the fastest in the industry with standard RUSH result times.
  • Locally Owned and Operated – All of our representatives are qualified professionals in Upstate New York and will assist you every step of the way!
  • Accredited Laboratory – All testing is performed by an AABB, NYDOH and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

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What is paternity testing? Paternity tests establish a biolo

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Immigration DNA testing paves the way for U.S. citizens to r

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DNA siblingship testing determines if individuals are full 

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One of our most popular tests is the grandparentage test. Gr

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Avuncular testing is an indirect paternity test. The test de

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Prenatal Paternity

There is a safe solution to determine the paternity of a bab

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paternity testing

Paternity DNA Testing

Upstate DNA Testing is the most trusted provider of collections for Paternity tests and Relationship DNA Tests in the counties of Albany, Erie, Monroe and Onondaga.

We come to you! One of our local collectors will come to you anytime and anywhere, 24/7
convenient to your schedule – no need to wait!

Our legal DNA Tests are Court admissible in New York State. Privacy is our top priority and rushed results are our standard. Learn more about Paternity Testing here

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With a nationally accredited partner facility, we are locally owned and operated. Our specialty is to accommodate your preferred location and time. With DNA testing clinics in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse you can schedule an appointment in a facility nearest you or one of our certified mobile collectors can come to you anywhere, anytime. A simple cheek swab collection and legal testing paperwork can be conducted in your office, the hospital or the privacy of your own home in about 15 minutes!

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Price match guaranteed, Upstate DNA Testing prides itself on being consumers #1 choice for paternity testing in New York

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A helping hand

No bond is as strong as that of a family’s. When children are born out of wedlock, the circumstances regarding financial and personal responsibility become clouded. The first step to solidifying the child’s future is to establish his paternal origin. Upstate DNA recognizes the challenges that parents face – we have the testing solutions that eliminate all doubt.

  • Child Support and Custody
  • Inheritance
  • Immigration
  • Social Security
  • Benefits
  • Military Survivor Benefits

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How accurate is the test?

DNA Testing is extremely accurate. The laboratory meets or exceeds all standards established by the AABB. Results for a standard legal paternity test is guaranteed at least 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions or 100% certainty of exclusion.

What if the alleged father is not available for testing?

When it is not possible to test an alleged father, paternity can be established indirectly (i.e. grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc).

How is a DNA collection performed?

A DNA collection is quick and painless. A sterile swab is rubbed on the inside of your mouth for 20-30 seconds to collect cheek cells.

new york state residents

new york state residents

State and Federal requirements governing relationship testing laboratories in the United States are variable. New York State has its own formal relationship laboratory evaluation program. The New York State Department of Health (NYDOH) regulates paternity/relationship testing and has specific regulations and laws in regards to who may request a paternity test, methods for billing/payment and release of results. Tests are completely confidential and are only released to those authorized individuals who participated in the test.