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Upstate DNA Testing of Buffalo, NY, provides reliable and efficient DNA testing for residents of the Buffalo, NY area. Also, we service the Niagara, Erie County, Lackawanna, Tonawanda, and Western New York areas.

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Whether you require a legal proof of relation, or simply the peace of mind that comes with knowing where you came from, we are fully committed to getting you results as quickly as possible. Our results are fully confidential, and admissible as court evidence. Get in touch, we have a number of DNA testing collection sites and mobile collectors that can come to you on evenings and weekends! As a result, you can enjoy our quality services at your convenience. 


We provide the following DNA tests:


  • Grandparentage
  • Siblingship
  • Paternity
  • Maternity
  • Avuncular
  • Collections for Immigration DNA testing


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Providing an established lineage matters to everyone in the family. Whether your children require financial support or you simply need peace of mind, UpstateDNA Testing will provide the answers you need about your Family DNA. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us. In just a few days or less, we provide accurate, court-admissible DNA test results. We keep your test results secret and confidential, hence you can expect peace of mind from our services. Furthermore, our customer-focused approach ensures a quick and simple process that meets or exceeds your expectations. Check out various DNA testing services offered by us below. Above all, feel free to contact us with any questions. Our representatives are standing by and happy to help.



Determining the relationship between a child and an alleged Father
(Performed with or without the Mother)


A paternity test establishes a biological relationship between a child and a father. Paternity tests are often tested as a “Duo” or “Trio” test. A duo test involves the child and an alleged father. As a result, a trio test involves the mother, child, and the alleged father. At least 99.96% for Inclusive or 100%



Determining the relationship between alleged brothers and sisters
(Performed with or without the Mother and Father)


A Sibling DNA test is useful for determining if individuals are full brothers/sisters, half brothers/sisters or have unrelated Family DNA. Also, whenever the mother(s) is/are known, we strongly recommend including them in the test. Including the mother(s) in the test increases the combined likelihood ratio ten-fold. Therefore, you might see a probability


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I've been working with them as an intern data manager for the past 6 months or so. Although my work at intern isn't the most arduous, I am still in college. Their respect for my college responsabilidade and their understanding when deadlines couldn't be met is likely why I still am working with them.They are also a very hard working bunch, always busy planning the best and cheapest product they can offer or improving their existent ones.

by Dedra Robinson on Upstate DNA Testing of Buffalo

by Natalie Dimovski on Upstate DNA Testing of Buffalo

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