DNA Testing Syracuse

DNA Testing Syracuse


For full-service DNA testing services in the Syracuse, NY area. Also, we service Onondaga County and Central New York – look no further than Upstate DNA Testing of Syracuse. Our tests are conducted with your utmost consideration in mind, guiding you through the process to achieve results that are 100% accurate in cases of exclusion and 99.99% in cases of inclusion. Whether you’re seeking peace of mind, or are required to give a DNA test for legal purposes, our mobile collectors will be happy to assist you.

Scheduling a DNA Test in Central New York


Upstate DNA Testing of Syracuse offers mobile DNA collections, anywhere and anytime. Whether you need to schedule an appointment at your home, the hospital, or prefer to visit a collection clinic, we can help! Upstate DNA Testing provides the following specialized DNA tests in the Central New York area:


  • Paternity
  • Maternity
  • Grandparentage
  • Avuncular
  • Siblingship
  • Collections for Immigration DNA Tests


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Providing an established lineage matters to everyone in the family. Whether your children require financial support or you simply need peace of mind, UpstateDNA Testing will provide the answers you need about your Family DNA. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us. And we will respond with a quick, and court admissible DNA test. We will also make sure that your test results remain secret and confidential. Check out various DNA testing services offered by us below.



Determining the relationship between a child and an alleged Father
(Performed with or without Mother)


A paternity test establishes a biological relationship between a child and a father. Paternity tests are often tested as a “Duo” or “Trio” test. A duo test involves the child and an alleged father, while a trio test involves the mother, child, and the alleged father. At least 99.96% for Inclusive or 100%



Determining the relationship between alleged brothers and sisters
(Performed with or without Mother and Father)


A Sibling DNA test determines if individuals are full brothers/sisters, half brothers/sisters or have unrelated Family DNA. Whenever the mother(s) is/are known, we strongly recommend including them in the test. Including the mother(s) in the test increases the combined likelihood ratio ten-fold, therefore you see a probability


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