How accurate is the test?

DNA Testing is extremely accurate. The laboratory meets or exceeds all standards established by the AABB. Results for a standard legal paternity test is guaranteed at least 99.99% probability of paternity for inclusions or 100% certainty of exclusion.

What if the alleged father is not available for testing?

When it is not possible to test an alleged father, paternity can be established indirectly (i.e. grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc).

How is a DNA collection performed?

A DNA collection is quick and painless. A sterile swab is rubbed on the inside of your mouth for 20-30 seconds to collect cheek cells.

How much is a DNA test?

The cost is dependent upon the type of test completed. We offer a price match guarantee on all tests in the state of New York. Give us a call for more information!

Is this test court admissible?

Yes. Along with your emailed results you will also receive a hardcopy report in the mail certified by the laboratory.

What is a chain of custody and why is it used?

“Chain of custody” refers to the proper custody, or control, of the DNA samples throughout the testing process. First, it requires a neutral third party to properly identify the persons being tested and collect their DNA samples. Next, it requires the DNA samples and paperwork to be delivered to the testing location without being tampered with. Finally, it requires proper handling of the DNA and paperwork by a qualified laboratory.

The sample IDs are tracked and documented throughout the testing process. This process enables the laboratory to produce notarized test results that can be used in court.