About Us

DNA testing plays an integral part when it comes to establishing both legal and biological relationships. Whether you need peace of mind or are required to provide a DNA test for court or an immigration authority, Upstate DNA Testing is here to help.

Upstate DNA Testing completes the collections for Paternity, Maternity, Grandparentage, Avuncular, Siblingship, Immigration, and Grandparentage DNA Tests. We will help you out in the entire process to make it easier for you. Upstate DNA offers the best DNA testing service, with test results being 99.99% in case of inclusion a 100% in case of exclusion. Click here to know more about the different types of DNA tests.


Scheduling a test at UpStateDNA

  1. Schedule an appointment,
  2. Bring your photo ID to the collection facility
  3. Sit back and receive your results in 2-3 business days!
  4. Please note that: 24-hour rush results are also available***

Our DNA tests are court admissible in the New York State. For us, privacy, confidentiality, and security of your test results are the top priority. We provide premium DNA testing services at the most competitive prices.