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Avuncular DNA Testing

Avuncular testing is an indirect paternity test. The test determines if an alleged uncle or aunt is related to a niece or nephew. We take a DNA sample from the person and compare it with the DNA sample of his/her suspected uncle or aunt to find out whether they are biologically related or not. Upstate DNA promises accurate avuncular DNA testing with court-admissible results.

Having issues visiting our facility? No problem. Furthermore, we understand traveling to our facility poses a challenge for our customers. As a result, we employ mobile collectors that are available to travel to your location and collect your DNA sample.

For Accurate Avuncular DNA Testing

If the father is deceased or simply unavailable for testing, the child’s paternal aunt or uncle (the alleged father’s siblings) is used for testing. As a result, including the child’s mother in this test strengthens the genetic evidence.