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Immigration Testing

United States citizens and lawful permanent residents can file a petition with the U.S. Embassy or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for their spouses, parents, children or siblings to immigrate to the United States.

U.S. Residents petitioning for their family member will use a combination of birth, marriage, medical and other legal documents to provide proof of an alleged relationship. In some cases a DNA test may be requested.

7 Easy Steps:
  • 1. Call us to schedule your DNA collection appointment. We have collection facilities all across New York state.
  • 2. Petitioner’s Embassy paperwork and DNA sample is collected and shipped overnight to an AABB accredited laboratory. (1 day)
  • 3. Petitioner’s DNA sample is received at the laboratory and a second DNA kit is shipped to U.S. Embassy for the beneficiary. (3-5 days)
  • 4. U.S. Embassy receives kit and schedules the beneficiary’s collection. (Time is dependent on each embassy)
  • 5. U.S. Embassy collects beneficiary’s DNA sample and priority ships samples back to the laboratory (3-5 days)
  • 6. The laboratory receives the beneficiary’s sample and performs a DNA analysis
  • 7.The laboratory generates a DNA report and priority ships the report to the U.S. Embassy or USCIS
DNA Collection of Petitioner

The applicant residing in the United States is referred to as the petitioner. At the time of the DNA collection the petitioner must provide a government issued photo ID and the paperwork received from the USCIS or U.S. Embassy.

DNA Collection of Beneficiary

The beneficiary is the individual residing outside of the United States. Their DNA collection will take place at the U.S. Embassy, consulate or an approved panel physician’s office. A sample collection kit must be sent directly from the laboratory to the embassy. The beneficiary will be required to provide a government issued photo ID and pay the DNA collection fee in their country.

Samples Shipped from a Foreign Country

When the sample collection is complete, the samples are sent by the Embassy or Embassy’s agent directly to the laboratory for analysis. PLEASE NOTE, a small number of countries require country pay the shipping costs of the samples back to the laboratory. The laboratory will inform you if you are dealing with one of these countries.

DNA Testing Results

Once all of the samples have been received at the laboratory the test will be completed and results wills be released in 2 business days. Initially you will receive the test results by fax or email followed by U.S. mailed copies of the government paperwork and an original report.