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DNA Testing Rochester, NY


For reliable, efficient DNA testing in the Rochester, NY area, as well as Monroe County and Finger Lakes, get in touch with the mobile collectors of Upstate DNA Testing. We provide the swiftest, most efficient way to provide you with your established lineage, and give you your desired peace of mind. Our services also include a quick and court admissible DNA test. Whatever your needs, we guarantee your results will remain fully confidential.


Our DNA testing services can establish the following:


  • Paternity
  • Siblingship
  • Grandparentage
  • Avuncular testing
  • Maternity
  • Collections for Immigration DNA testing


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Providing an established lineage matters to everyone in the family. Whether your children require financial support or you simply need peace of mind, Upstate DNA Testing will provide the answers you need about your Family DNA. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us. And we will respond with a quick, and court-admissible DNA test. We will also make sure that your test results remain secret and confidential. Check out various DNA testing services offered by us below.



Determining the relationship between a child and an alleged Father
(Performed with or without the Mother)


A paternity test is used to establish a biological relationship between a child and a father. Paternity tests are often tested as a “Duo” or “Trio” test. A duo test involves the child and an alleged father, while a trio test involved the mother, child and alleged father. At least 99.96% for Inclusive or 100%



Determining the relationship between alleged brothers and sisters
(Performed with or without the Mother and Father)


A Sibling DNA test is useful for determining if individuals are full brothers/sisters, half brothers/sisters or have unrelated Family DNA. Whenever the mother(s) is/are known, it is strongly recommended that they be included in the test. Including the mother(s) in the test can increase the combined likelihood ratio ten-fold, where you might see a probability


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Excellent service. Best in Upstate New York!!

by Natalie Dimovski on Upstate DNA Testing of Rochester

Services were efficient and the collector was very professional and helpful during a stressful time.

Alexander is a professional and outstanding individual and aided me greatly with my business concerns.

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